Te Amo !


Yeah, today i will talk about Best friend. Humph, what is "best friend"exactly means to you? 
 Jeng Jeng Jeng! HAHA. everybody have their opinion. In my opinion, best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. 
I have one of my friends just like leaves that can found everywhere. But before this, we were best friend. we were shockingly close. just like this quote:
It's the times we're so crazy,
that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard,
we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes
and "remember whens".
those are all the reasons
that we're best friends!
But, once you leave me, and you forget me. I feel so lonely. did you forget our memories? 
Ah, let's forget all about the bull shit memories ! After you treat me like shit on my birthday, you kick me out from you best friend list! did you think that i will forgive you? Oh no way! I've my own principle! You want to challenge me? go on, honey! I've never afraid with your challenge. HAHA. And finally you text me to seek an apologise?
What The Heck!
The message: hey sorry disturbing you but i just wanted to say these few things. I am here to seek an apologise for everything. I admit maybe i did something wrongs to you. Often, i said things without thinking. "People make mistake right?" At same part maybe I'm such useless friend. Yeah you can say whatever you want about me because i know i deserve it. But 1 thing i can say i, i never lie about our friendship. Its up to you whether you wanna trust me or not. And again, i am sorry from the bottom of my heart about all my bad's. i Am sorry if i make you fell annoyed or hate me. I am sorry because I've ruined our friendship. I do regret about all my mistakes. So yeah, guess I'm done here, let forgive and forget.
take care xx

cool uh? Nice ever friend that i have! Wahh, this is life !
friends are sucks!


Yeah, just like i said before, i will use this blog when i'm 20 years old and, when i feel like i want to scold someone. So yesterday, i had fight with my youngest sister, Aisyah. Huh, it's shameful rite? i had fight with her because the TV! oh, how shame i am! Actually, she start first. I just back from tuition, im getting tired! haha. Then i want to watch TV. Rush Hour 3 on Tv3. But Aisyah want to watch the cartoon. Then i scold her, i want to watch Tv3! but she didn't give to watch that movie. Then she play the remote control, she click info, menu, guide and so on. Then mama scold her, let Sarah's watch the Tv3. I'm happy. yeay me! HAHA. Then, i thought she angry with me, she scattered all my books at my shelf book. Then i go upstairs, I've look my room, then I become angry then i scold her! But she scold me back, then i cried cried and cried! then mama came with rotan! mama just huh.., mama scold Aisyah. Then i cried cried and still cried until i doze off. Huh.., i don't know WHY I've been like this? something wrong with me! it's just ABNORMAL. Humph..,
Migraine Attack!


Today, nothing special but i had fight with someone who was err, like monster! I HATE YOU! When we were study in class, its mathematics period, everybody was concentrate on math. Suddenly, Zharif scream loudly, just because he was frustrated with his account homework. His manner was bother our concentrated on math subject! Then i turn around and i sound him! i just said "weyh, diam lah! tak payah lah menjerit-jerit. orang nak belajar nie!" Then he sound me back "belajar je lah!" Then i sound him again "so, kau diam lah! kelas ni bukannya bapak kau yang punya!" Maybe he dissatisfied with me, then he yell at me "kalau nak belajar, datang lah sekolah setiap hari. Tak payah nak ponteng ponteng!" I'm just "Bapak kau bayar yuran aku ke?! takkan! pundek lah kau! nak gaduh dengan aku! Lancau!" I'm was wrathful at him! just annoying! be a matured lah, MONSTER! And finally, i be on good term with Zharif nearly class ended. Yeah, maybe i might do something wrong with him such as i'm yelling him in front of classmate.It's just disgraceful right? Sorry buddy:) Please, don't do it again! it just ANNOYING


Hey , today i would like to story about the "copy cat". what is "copy cat"? Hopefully you are know the meaning of. Huh.., its terrible! You know what, in surrounding an examination trial of Spm, some girls and boys are imitate with each other. Plus, they're copying the answer pass through their cell phone! it' really cruel! till day, i will never forgive them. You make me upset with my result. My math were drop because of you,cheater! you always cheating here, cheating there! what's happen with you guys?! Did you realized that your manner are guilty?! what, do you think , when you get nice result in trial means you are allowed to meddle in the greatest  University? Huh.., talk to your funny ass! Please, you're adult, not a baby which always crying and said "papa!" "mama!"  Come on, be a matured person! If you want something, get it with the nicely way! that so many nice way to be a "successful". Only you know what you want to be! Please, be matured and comprehended!

p/s : touched ? what ever ! feel nicely okay. HAHA



Okay, this is my first post. So, i would like to thanks myself because I've make this blog just like what i want my blog to be like this. Hihi. And the most important is, I've make this blog without any assistance. Haha. I'm very proud to be myself! And yeah, Insya-Allah i will use this blog when I'm 20 years old, now I'm 17teen. It's about 3 years anymore. Not so long time rite? close the eyes, open the eyes, close the eyes, its become 20 years old. Haha. But, if i feel i want to post something like immoral or scold someone, here i will post! What's more? Oh yeah, now I'm one of candidate to seating the big examination (SPM) oh, not so big, but it's biggest! i will stress when i thinking about SPM. It's determination of my future. If i get a good results like in a row of A's, i will obtain to get a good University. I want to be a successful woman in the world! 

p/s: sorry, my English seems like very very bad! but I'm still try the best for my life :)